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This virtual data room provider offers the tool that can be used for numerous purposes such as due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, IPO, and other document-heavy activities. Moreover, many customers of Securedocs use its data room software to manage corporate files internally. It’s one of the simplest data rooms on the market — it’s easy and quick to get started with, and it offers an intuitive interface. Users rarely get confused with the features and workflows when utilizing this data room provider.

What is Securedocs about?

To gain a better understanding of this provider, let’s take a look at its story. Securedocs operates since 2005 and is located in California. The founders of this data room software aim at providing customers with an easy to use and efficient tool that will let them successfully close deals faster and have complete control over the process while keeping corporate information perfectly secure. And Securedocs seems to succeed in this mission as its virtual data room is appreciated by numerous businesses from around the world. This provider has already helped to close lots of deals with a total worth over $100 billion. And it doesn’t stop.

Securedocs listens to the voice of its customers and improves its data room to offer a better solution. This software is suitable for all industries — even biotech, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. Clients of this vendor seem to be highly content with the quality of Securedocs, and their appreciation makes this provider one of the most used data rooms in the world.

What features does Securedocs offer?

Even though this provider is versatile, it doesn’t offer anything unique. However, that might be exactly what makes Securedocs so suitable for different needs. This data room software provides users with all the basic functions that allow them to upload and manage files effortlessly. Also, you will find here rather expected levels of access for invited users, reports on the activity of all members of the data room, a Q&A section, and watermarks.

Additionally, Securedocs allows businesses to customize both the interface of the data room and the non-disclosure agreements. It’s quite a valuable function because it allows a company to present itself better and have more control over the terms of use of the VDR.

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