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Ansarada is an Australian provider of software services founded in 2005. The company is headquartered in Sydney and has offices in all continents. Ansarada specializes in software for deal and transaction management. Its main products are the Ansarada virtual data room, the deal management platform Ansarada Deals, and the project management tool Deal Workflow.

Features of the Ansarada data room

Ansarada data room has several essential instruments that are very useful for every business.

Security features

The Ansarada virtual data room offers its customers basic and advanced security features, allowing them to safeguard all sensitive information stored in the VDR. These features include — but are not limited to — those listed below.

Granular permissions

This tool allows data room admins to set restrictions on how users can interact with files shared within the data room, determining who can access, save or print documents. They can do so on a group level, but also for each individual user.

Remote shred

With this feature, an admin can revoke a user’s access to specific documents even if the user has already downloaded the documents onto their device. This ensures sensitive information stays protected even from users who previously had access to it.

User activity tracking and reports

These tools make it possible for the admin to quickly find out exactly what each user had been doing within the data room. Tracking users’ activity increases the admin’s control over confidential information, and discourages users from sharing it outside the data room. Another benefit of this tool is that it helps the admin assess which prospects or bidders are more interested in a deal.

Built-in redaction

This tool allows admins to erase specific data from documents stored in the data room, so as to keep confidential information protected.

Full activity record

This feature makes it possible for admins to generate reports on all the activity that has happened in the data room, which is very helpful when there are audits and compliance rules.

Due to its security system, the Ansarada data room is ISO 270001-certified and compliant with GDPR.

Document management features

Besides security, Ansarada features cover other needs of virtual data room users, such as document management and team collaboration. Regarding the first, besides basic document management features like drag and drop upload and bulk upload, this virtual data room offers AI-powered document organization. 

This organization tool, known as the Platform, categorizes uploaded documents according to the keywords it finds within them, suggesting categories to the admin, and assigning documents to them if the categories are approved. As the admin uses this tool, machine learning ensures the system adapts to use patterns, improving its suggestions and categorization in subsequent operations.

The Platform offers its users scorecards that allow them to identify and catch opportunities at the right moment. This feature helps grow the potential of the business and acquire new partners along the way. And with the artificial intelligence-based document collaboration, users can safely navigate and analyze important information reaching it instantly.

Dataroom Ansarada provides users with dashboards that help business owners get a clear view of their investment pipelines. And the extensive library, where the best practice content is gathered, allows users to gain valuable knowledge and see where their companies need to be improved.

Once you implement the Platform into your workflow, you get a stable connection with other partners. It speeds up the collaboration and significantly improves its efficiency.

Benefits of the Ansarada virtual data room

Among its clients, Ansarada counts M&A advisors, corporate development teams, private equity companies and investment banking companies and investors. These clients use Ansarada virtual data rooms to:

  • increase security during processes such as due diligence management, deal preparation and anonymity management
  • simplify and speed up document management 
  • avoid travel costs when a stakeholder based in another location must review sensitive documents
  • save money on secure files storage
ansarada data room

When used in integration with Deal Workflow, the Ansarada data room also brings about greater team integration, and increased engagement of team members. This happens because it simplifies communication and collaboration on documents, and streamlines processes such as board management and due diligence.

Conditions of using Ansarada for Australian businesses

On the software review website Capterra, Australian clients rate the Ansarada virtual data with 94% of four- and five-star reviews.

Pricing options of the Ansarada data room

Ansarada works with a mixed pricing system for its virtual data room, offering customers flexible plans determined by two factors: storage space and project duration. The combinations of these factors are what determines the several different pricing plans on offer. 

Companies who have an interest in this virtual data room can use the pricing calculator on the official website to check the Ansarada cost. If the prospective customer needs more than 4GB of storage space, or if they are planning to use the software for longer than 12 months, they can reach out to the provider for a tailored offer. 

Ansarada customers should be careful when calculating the amount of storage space they need, as data overages bring additional costs for the remaining subscription period.

How many users do Ansarada pricing plans include?

When it comes to how many users each plan allows, the good news is that all Ansarada pricing plans offer unlimited user permissions. This means that even in large deals involving dozens of people, admins can allow any partner, prospect, bidder or team member to access the data room, without having to leave anyone out. 

However, it’s not clear from the Ansarada website if the number of admins is also unlimited.

Ansarada VDR integration with external tools and software

The Ansarada virtual data room can connect with external applications and software, like Google Drive, DropBox, Onedrive, Box and others. This makes it easier for teams to adopt Ansarada as their data sharing platform, since they can go on using the software they are familiar with.

Integration with other Ansarada platform tools

The Ansarada data room can also be integrated with other Ansarada software, such as Ansarada Deals and Deal Workflow. Connecting the virtual data room to these platforms makes it possible to manage the entire deal process in one place, which greatly simplifies deal preparation and saves time and effort to all stakeholders in a deal.

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Ansarada features

Industry Solutions
Biotech Licensingyes
Board Portalsyes
Clinical Studiesyes
Debt Financingyes
Distressed Real Estateyes
Document Repositoryyes
Due Diligenceyes
Hedge Fundsyes
IPO & Exitsyes
M&A Buy Sideyes
M&A Sell Sideyes
Post Mergeryes
Private Equityyes
Procurement Managementyes
Files & Folders Management
File Formats SupportedAny file format supported
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Foldersyes
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Foldersyes
Desktop Synchronizationno
Archives Upload & Extractionno
Export of Data Room Index to Excelno
Document Version Controlno
Multilingual Documents Indexno
File Protection & Digital Rights Management
Granular Document Permissionsyes
View-Only Accessyes
Prevention of Download, Print and Copyyes
Remote Shredding of Documentsno
Customizable Document Watermarksyes
Secure Fence Viewno
Document Access Expiryyes
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryptionyes
Data at Rest Encryptionno
Data Hosting & Infrastructure Security
99.9% Uptime Guaranteeyes
ISO 27001 Certifiedyes
SOC 2 Certifiedno
SSAE 16 Certifiedno
Data Backupyes
Virus Scanningno
Access Security
Two-Factor Authenticationsno
Mobile Device Managementyes
Granular User Permissionsyes
Permission Groupsyes
Access Expirationyes
Access Limitation by IP Addressno
Accessibility & Ease Of Use
No Pluginsyes
Scroll-Through Web-Based Document Vieweryes
Web-Based Excel Spreadsheets Vieweryes
iOS Applicationno
Android Applicationno
Mobile Device Interfaceyes
User Interface LanguagesEnglish
Search, OCR & Filters
Search by Nameyes
Search by Content (Full Text Search)yes
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)no
Filtering by Parametersyes
Collaboration Features
Basic Questions & Answers Moduleyes
Advanced Questions & Answers Moduleyes
Secure User Messagingno
New Document Email Notificationsyes
Files & Folders Notesno
Activity Tracking & Reporting
Tracking of All User Activityyes
Real-Time Audit Trailyes
Graphic Reportsyes
Exporting Reports to Excelyes
Tracking of Document Viewing Timeyes
Scheduled Reports (Sending to Email)yes
Branded User Interfaceyes
Custom Domainno
Custom Login Pageyes
Custom User Invitation Letterno
Custom Agreements for Accessing Data Roomno
Active Directory Integrationno
Single Sign-On Integrationno
Customer-Managed Encryption Keysno
Integrations Through APIsno
Custom Workflows and Featuresno
Support & Services
Business Hours Supportyes
24/7 Email Supportyes
24/7 Phone & Email Supportyes
Online Help Centerno
Live Trainingsno
Dedicated Project Manageryes
Data Room Archive on DVD or USB Driveyes
Translation Servicesno
Support Languages:English
Deployment Options
Cloud (Web-Based)yes
On-Premise (Installed)no
Multiple Datacenter Locationsno
Trial & Pricing
Free Demono
Free Trial:no
Company Info
Locations:United States, The Netherlands, Germany, China, South Africa, UK, Malaysia, Australia