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DealRoom is one of the promising companies that provide innovation and security for businesses operating across a variety of industries. This software is capable of handling the whole lifecycle of the deal providing companies with a convenient and efficient workspace. Complex transactions like M&A, last funding round, and other types of deals can be managed through one central platform – DealRoom.

DealRoom as one of the most promising companies

Founded in Chicago in 2012, DealRoom soon became one of the largest virtual data room providers that currently leads the market of innovation. Its solutions are known worldwide for the competent support of even the most strenuous M&A processes. 

VDR platform is used by many companies and startups in any industry to store, share, organize, and understand the data they receive and exchange. Dealroom VDR offers tools that make the process more intelligent, collaborative, and efficient – which is important for communications between employees, partners, CEO, new investors, and other potential clients or collaborators. 

The company is also operating in Central and Eastern Europe, making it easy to connect and collaborate with investors no matter where they’re located. 

The main features of Dealroom

The Dealroom VDR offers every feature you would expect an M&A-focused VDR to have. All tools and features are unique and result in high-quality company operations. 

Workflow management

A deal manager will always be in the know of what’s happening within the VDR space. Dealroom platform offers ready-to-use workflows businesses can use to quickly arrange a workspace for an upcoming deal. In this virtual data room, you will also find templates of invite letters and other content. 

Permission levels

The four levels of secure permissions ensure and define clear boundaries in the virtual data room to authorized accounts only. The company can manage limits between employees and potential customers and customize options by virtue of their authority. 

Document management

A drag and drop feature within the data room platform ensures easy document uploads in bulk. A smart search feature for locating documents allows you to search through those symbols that are in scanned documents. 

Valuable analytics

Gain beneficial insights on buyers’ perspectives, document activity, and tendencies using analytic tools. This functionality ensures transparency and allows you to conduct the needed analysis based on insights. Administrators can manage and analyze the activity of invited users for more information and better security.

The key benefits of DealRoom

Any business that wants to streamline their documents and make them more efficient turns to Dealroom VDR. Business owners, clients, suppliers, leaders, and managers are suitable candidates for VDR and they will surely enjoy all the benefits available. 

Security of information

Laptops and desktops can be stolen from offices. Office floods and fires have been known to wipe entire IT infrastructures. Such problems are the last thing you need to worry about when it comes to cloud computing. 


Traditionally every user in a project has to download a file and install a program to access that file and access it from the same desktop when required. Virtual data rooms allow destroying this barrier with access from any registered device. 

Saved resources

A DealRoom data room platform is versatile to any proposition and is instinctive to utilize, it saves time and energy. With automated work processes and cycle assistance, you can save many resources and use them for scaling up your company. 

DealRoom pricing options

Every virtual room provider sets its pricing based on various factors and tools available. DealRoom data room cost structure is divided into four plans:

  • Pipeline Only. Available for an unlimited amount of projects and users. 1GB of storage included, more can be bought. 
  • Single Project. A one-time project with access from an unlimited number of users. 5GB of storage, extra can be purchased. 
  • Cross-Team Professional. An unlimited number of projects and users. Pipeline management. 20GB of file storage. 
  • Enterprise. Full tool availability, with 50GB – 10TB storage. Tailored solutions for teams with specific requirements. The price information is presented after contacting an associate. 

If there are any questions, you can book a free demo with the team. They will lead you through available tools and explain in detail each plan so that you choose the best-suited option for your company.

Integration with different tools 

The well-designed M&A platform will cause greater collaborations and responsiveness, which comes in handy during funding rounds, establishing partnership between investors, entrepreneurs, and companies.

The DealRoom VDR offers seamless integration with project management tools and other software like spreadsheet packages, GSuite, or Slack which exiles traditional methods making due diligence simpler. 

The DealRoom platform offers an enhanced workflow tracking tool, tools that identify possible synergies, and parallel planning deal tools. A built-in spreadsheet allows viewing files without having to leave the room. 

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Industry Solutions
Biotech Licensingyes
Board Portalsyes
Clinical Studiesyes
Debt Financingyes
Distressed Real Estateyes
Document Repositoryyes
Due Diligenceyes
Hedge Fundsyes
IPO & Exitsyes
M&A Buy Sideno
M&A Sell Sideno
Post Mergerno
Private Equityno
Procurement Managementno
Files & Folders Management
File Formats Supported:All MS Office document formats, as well as pdf, txt, pub, rtf, htm, html, mht, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, bmp, png, tif, tiff, wmf, and flv
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Foldersyes
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Foldersyes
Desktop Synchronizationyes
Archives Upload & Extractionyes
Export of Data Room Index to Excelyes
Document Version Controlyes
Multilingual Documents Indexyes
File Protection & Digital Rights Management
Granular Document Permissionsyes
View-Only Accessyes
Prevention of Download, Print and Copyyes
Remote Shredding of Documentsyes
Customizable Document Watermarksyes
Secure Fence Viewyes
Document Access Expiryno
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryptionno
Data at Rest Encryptionno
Data Hosting
99.9% Uptime Guaranteeno
ISO 27001 Certifiedyes
SOC 2 Certifiedno
SSAE 16 Certifiedno
Data Backupno
Virus Scanningno
Access Security
Two-Factor Authenticationsyes
Mobile Device Managementyes
Granular User Permissionsyes
Permission Groupsno
Access Expirationno
Access Limitation by IP Addressno
Accessibility & Ease Of Use
User Interface Languages:English
No Pluginsno
Scroll-Through Web-Based Document Vieweryes
Web-Based Excel Spreadsheets Vieweryes
iOS Applicationyes
Android Applicationno
Mobile Device Interfaceno
Search, OCR & Filters
Search by Nameyes
Search by Content (Full Text Search)yes
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)yes
Filtering by Parametersno
Collaboration Features
Basic Questions & Answers Moduleno
Advanced Questions & Answers Moduleno
Secure User Messagingno
New Document Email Notificationsno
Files & Folders Notesno
Activity Tracking & Reporting
Tracking of All User Activityyes
Real-Time Audit Trailyes
Graphic Reportsyes
Exporting Reports to Excelyes
Tracking of Document Viewing Timeyes
Scheduled Reports (Sending to Email)no
Branded User Interfaceyes
Custom Domainyes
Custom Login Pageyes
Custom User Invitation Letteryes
Custom Agreements for Accessing Data Roomyes
Active Directory Integrationno
Single Sign-On Integrationno
Customer-Managed Encryption Keysno
Integrations Through APIsno
Custom Workflows and Featuresno
Support & Services
Support Languages:English
Business Hours Supportyes
24/7 Email Supportyes
24/7 Phone & Email Supportyes
Online Help Centeryes
Live Trainingsyes
Dedicated Project Managerno
Data Room Archive on DVD or USB Driveno
Translation Servicesno
Deployment Options
Cloud (Web-Based)no
On-Premise (Installed)no
Multiple Datacenter Locationsno
Trial & Pricing
Free Trial:
Free Demo:yes
Company Info
Locations:United States
Clients:Energizer, Emerson, Delta, Momenta, Equifax